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Hear Me Out

Aotearoa's first deaf MP Mojo Mathers has long fought for her voice to be heard. Now with one final bill in parliament, can she ensure all people with disabilities in New Zealand will be heard too?


In 2018 Aotearoa, people like Mojo are still excluded from the very system meant to represent them. The Election Access Fund Bill, currently before New Zealand Parliament, could open the doors and make democracy more accessible for the one in four kiwis who experience disability. Mojo has one last chance in her fight for equal representation to change the shape of democracy in New Zealand forever. If unsuccessful, her long-fought campaign for equal access will be in vain and her community's voice will remain silenced.

Like Mojo, our director Jason is a person with lived experience of disability and we are committed to treating this topic with sensitivity and respect. This film is looking at the critical issue of what it means for one quarter of our population to be locked out of politics. It will reflect on salient issues of representation, diversity, and equality in the context of a current Bill before Parliament. We want ALL New Zealanders to have the opportunity to make a change and create real impact in our society. While we explore Mojo's story, we're prompted to think about our own representation and how this shapes our world. "Nothing About Us Without Us".

We need your help to put disability rights on the public agenda. By donating to our Boosted campaign, you'll ensure that we can deliver a high quality, impactful film, and run community workshops and outreach to make sure people with disabilities are able to fully access our democracy.

So what do you say?


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